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Micro Controller Based Servo Stabilizer

Single Phasing Prevention, Output Electronic Over Load Protection, Phase Reversal Protection, Input Short Circuit Protection with MCB, Output Low Voltage Protection, Input Over Load Protection with MCB, Output High Voltage Protection, Audio Alarm for Protections, Mains Input on 3 LED Indications and 3ph, output ON One indication, Indicated in mains Input on it self, Indicated with LCD Display Input High, Indicated in mains output on indication, Indicated with LCD Display with separately Output high Cutoff and Output Low Cutoff, Indicated with LCD Display.


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Servo Stabilizer - Residential

Provides perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage conditions. Ideal to protect the electrical and electronic equipments from high and low voltage. Individual phase control and bypass protection. It is a custom built item which can be manufactured with required dimensions. Single stabilizer would serve all the domestic needs. Quick servicing and maintenance free. Suitable for 3 phases and single phase applications. It is a power saving device and reduces excess power consumption. Available for all the load requirements. Outdoor and indoor models are available. Efficiency- At all voltages and LOADS within the range of the stabilizer greater than 98.5%. Successful 500 installations. Operates in wide input voltage fluctuations. Generator compatibility

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Servo Stabilizer - Oil Cooled

Capacity range upto 3000 kva, 3 ph protections, overload protection with mcb / mccb, short circuit protection, single phasing preventer, low voltage protection, high voltage protection.
Salient features: trouble free operation, excellent regulation - as high as + 0.5%, zero wave - form distortion, plug-in type fiberglass pcbs with gold-plated, fingers for better contacts to ensure excellent, reliability and minimum downtime, unaffected by load power factor, rugged build, each unit 'soak tested' for 48 hours.

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Servo Stabilizer (Single Phase)

Capacity Range upto 15 KVA, 1 Ph
Technical Specifications-  Input Voltage Range : 170-270V AC, 50 Hz, Output Voltage : 230V AC 50 Hz 1Phase, Output Voltage Adjustments : 220-240 AC in 1 Phase, Operating Frequency : 47 to 53 Hz, Output regulation : + 1%, Correction Speed : 35V/sec, Line regulation : + 1%, Load regulation : + 1%, Wave-form distortion : Nil, Power factor effect : Nil, Output wave -form : True reproduction of Input, Type of cooling : Natural Air-cooled, Mode of System : Fully Automatic / Manual, System Construction : As per IS:9815, Efficiency : 98.5%, Response Time : 10 milli sec, Servo Motor Drive : rugged ac step synchronous motor, Enclosure : IP32

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Voltage Stabilizer

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Voltage Stabilizer such as AC Voltage Stabilizer, Power Conditioner Stabilizer, Micro Controller Based Servo Stabilizer, Power Stabilizer, Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer and many more items from India.

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Control Panel

Creating a niche of Control Panel such as AMF Control Panel, Electrical Control Panel, Automatic Power Factor Control Panel, Electrical Assembly Panel, Generator Control Panel, MCC Panel and many more items at its best, with utmost quality.

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Electrical Transformer

Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Electrical Transformer such as Control Transformer, Ultra Isolation Transformer, Power Distribution Transformer, Ignition Transformer, OLTC Distribution Transformer, Step Up Transformer and many more items from Hyderabad.

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UPS System

Providing you the best range of UPS System such as Digital UPS System, Online UPS and Solar UPS with effective & timely delivery.

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Solar Products

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Solar Products such as Solar Power Plant, Solar UPS, Power Battery, Solar Lamps, Solar Water Heater, Photovoltaic Solar Cells and many more items.

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Voltage Regulator

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Voltage Regulator such as Line Voltage Regulator and Constant Voltage Regulator.

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Electroplating Rectifier

Manufacturer & Exporter of Electroplating Rectifier. Our product range also comprises of Voltage Stabilizer, Control Panel and Electrical Transformer.

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Distribution Panel Boxes

Prominent & Leading Manufacturer and Exporter from Hyderabad, we offer Distribution Panel Boxes such as Electrical Distribution Boxes and Electrical Panel Boxes.

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Power Distribution Board

Offering you a complete choice of products which include Power Distribution Board such as Power Supply Board and Distribution Switch Board.

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Distribution & Monitoring Unit

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Distribution & Monitoring Unit such as Power Distribution Unit and Integrated Power Management & Monitoring Unit from India.