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Welcome to Powertrac Corporation

Powertrac Corporation is one of the leading suppliers and traders for Batteries in Goa, Power conditioning and Power Backup Systems in Goa since 2000. We provide effective consultancy and solutions to your Power Backup needs, thus helping you protect your expensive equipment from power fluctuations and outages.

We are the authorised dealers for many major batteries and Power Backup Systems in Goa. Some of our major dealerships are

  • Dealers for Home UPS Systems Goa.
  • Authorised Dealer for DB POWER and NUMERIC UPS Systems Goa as well as imported UPS Systems in Goa.
  • Distributors for SF Sonic range of automotive batteries for South Goa.
  • Dealers for Amaron Automotive and two-wheeler batteries in Goa.
  • Dealers for Exelon Range of Servo Stabilizers from 1KVA to 100 KVA
  • Dealers for ELAK battery chargers and battery testing equipments in Goa.

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Powertrac brings to you the best automotive batteries brand in India including SF Sonic Range. »
Inverters in Goa


Powertrac offers reliable, regulated and stabilized Power Inverters that can be use for all commercial establishments. »
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Servo Voltage Stabilizer uses an advance electronic controlled servo motor concept to govern a motorized variable transformer. »
Genesets in goa


In today's technology driven lifestyle, earlier so-called luxuries have now become necessities and our dependency »
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Safeguard yourself from the constant Power outages and fluctuations with some of the Best UPS Systems in Goa »
DB UPS Systems Goa
DB UPS Systems Goa
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SF Sonic Batteries Goa
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